Nathan Entertainment is a small games studio in San Diego CA.  We are currertly looking for an angel investor and some people to come in and help develop the business.  The business was started by Nathan Barger, age 35 senior developer and current has no employees.  Nathan builds video games by himself using the Unity engine in a fast time frame.  It took only 6 months for him to develop "Axe Prime" just a few months to develop "Column Taker".  Nathan seems to think he has something good going here it's just we didn't make any money in the Apple store or the Steam stores so now the goal is to try to bring someone in here with some small business experience to hopefully help take things to the next level and bring some experience to the table and try to figure out how to actually make some money with this business.  Please email me if you can help the business in any way shape or form.  The next goal for Nathan Entertainment is that Nathan will be working on "Nate's Cab" a ride share service that is similar to Uber to hopefully bring some cash flow into the business.  It is just a work in progress at this point.

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